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 Tchernobyl, 1996.

10 years after a big catastrophe, everyone is impacted is the same way, from elders to newborns, from dolls to entire cities. You will be a part of history, a witness to destruction, change and rebirth. 

In this 1 vs 1 shooter you will fight each other with precision and skill, avoid each other’s traps and tricks, while everything around you takes on a new form. Don’t be afraid, focus on what you must, and you just might win the battle, even if the war is clearly lost.

Loathing Perception is a simple 1 versus 1 shooter  where your objective is to kill the other player as many times as possible before the timer stops. 

In order to do so, you will be given a gun with which you can shoot the other player. But that's not all ! You must  find the many powers lingering on the ground. 

It might be a  shield to protect yourself or  a powerful mine to kill the enemy, it's up to you to discover it, in Loathing Perception ! 

Baptiste Figeac
Charlotte Litto

Game Designers 
Paul Nogal
Antoine Person

Grégoire Pierillas
Matilde Rodrigues

Etienne Niemiec

Support Artist 
Audrey Ferrandez
Charlotte Litto


LoathingPerception.rar 28 MB

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