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For a long time now, you have secluded yourself within the island of Equinoxe. Your duty as a caretaker is to maintain a careful balance of your world by using water; its main nourishing source of energy.

Thus far it allowed you to establish a good life of peace and tranquillity.

Up to the point where an unfortunate event from the past came back... haunting you and threatening to break the sweet equilibrium you worked hard to achieve.

Your main purpose in this adventure is to restore harmony and balance between two worlds reflecting each other. Journey through the path of unconditional acceptance of oneself while facing the opposing duality and complementarity to reach inner peace.

- Solve your way through puzzles within two mirrored worlds by cooperating with your other self
- By using telekinesis, you can move around with specific items to replace them where they belong to progress
- Combine visual patterns using your perspective to fuse or repair ruins and access to new areas
- Your quest is not only about saving Equinoxe. Ease off, have a break, and enjoy beautiful and relaxing landscapes.
- Discover murals that will bring to light the origins of Equinoxe

Key Features :

- A relaxing and beautiful environment
- Enjoyable landscapes where players can take a break
- Two mirrored worlds that are linked but yet opposite
- Telekinesis: play around with your surroundings using, as a sole power, your mind to change your surroundings and solve puzzles.
- A hidden, relatable story

WASD: Move
E: Interact
Mouse: Camera
Left click: Telekinesis

Baptiste Figeac - Producer
Ahmed Ben Amor - Producer
Charlotte Litto - Producer

Timothé Courtier - Lead Game Designer
Antoine Person - Game Designer
Paul Nogal - Game Designer
Paul Bourdeau - Game Designer

Audrey Ferrandez - Lead Game Artist
Etienne Niemiec - Game Artist
Jason Hameon - Game Artist

Ulysse Raillon - Lead Game Programmer
Grégoire Pierillas - Game Programmer
Matilde Rodrigues - Game Programmer
Gélas Dorian - Game Programmer

Thomas Sieurac - Lead Sound Designer
Louise Jeanson - Sound Designer
Maxance Pleyez - Sound Designer

Twitter - Lowkey Interactive            Youtube - Lowkey Interactive              Discord - Lowkey Interactive

With the support of IIM - Digital School and Audio Workshop

Install instructions

1 - Download the .ZIP file

2- Unzip the new file

3- Launch Equinoxe.exe


Equinoxe V1.00.002 945 MB


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Hi, I don't know if it's only for me but seems like zip file is broken when trying to extract.

Hey there !
This problem is not common, have you managed to play the game since?

What software do you use for decompression ? Are you on Windows ?


Ok I don't know what happened but now it's extracting normally. Seems like my PC acted weirdly yesterday ;)

Enjoy the game !

Hey, finally I got some time to play it and overall I must say that this is looking great! I love the aesthetics and cinematics of the game. One thing that I can point out if you want some feedback is movement that is not super fluid, by that I mean character  is often stucked or slowed when moving close to some stones etc.

Also I stucked at one puzzle inside the cave and I don't know if this is end of demo or I'm doing something wrong, but I can't move stone with water pipe to complete puzzle.

Anyway great work and good luck!




Glad you liked it !